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Moving Toward Synthesis (copied from FB forum)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 1:04am

Response to a letter from Gudakesh,
I have till now, not involved myself with FB, blogs, web pages....I only began all of this to promote healing between myself and former students, Godbrothers and sisters that opened their hearts to my love and in that open state received denial of love due to my abortive exit from their lives. Over the weeks it has moved into this forum although the gapped feelings of 25 years are still arriving from some with full fury-everything from saying I was just a pretender and it was all a show to why am I trying to again alter Prabhupada's directives and promote sense gratification in the name of spirituality.

However it is that people want to see me, I feel my contribution in this moment in time, is to bring a forum for reconciliation either personal and internal or possibly on a more societal level. I have learned along the way that for such changes to take place, philosophy, regardless of how elevated and absolute it is proclaimed to be, must often pause to allow for the expression of true feelings.

Often times in trying to attain the truth of "I am not this body", parts of our eternal being- our emotions, will, feelings and intuition are amputated and offered as grains in the perceived fire of Krsna's Will. This is a great misunderstanding of God and a corresponding great tragedy for an individual and a sociey as well. As such in the name of holding true siddhanta and being true followers of Prabhupada, 'devotees' of every ilk, allow themselves to fear, despise and hold death wishes for each other. Even some in positions of power tried to frame our beloved Bhakti Tirtha Swami with untruthful allegations of indiscretions. This comes from a pathological emotional body that has become dense from denial in some form. I learned just today that Rupa Ragunatha who has done so much brilliant work in Vrndavana to win the hearts and minds of the locals, was verbally diminished before the GBC body in Mayapura, as going against Prabhupada's will that ISKCON not engage in mundane altruistic and humanitarian works. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that his vision was not a culture of simply creating men and women monks but an entire Varna Ashram society capable showing Krishna's love for all species and divisions of society. Who objected to this public vilification?

What we are seeing unfold in these discussions, is the release of ill fated emotions, especially from women, which have been denied recognition for an unlawful period. I began this forum by asking how women should and must be seen in a spiritually evolved society. This evoked strong words from outspoken and well articulated women because like it or not, women in ISKCON have been slowly taking their power back from an ideology that says they are less than. They question and seem to have found their reasons why this mentality found its way into the ISKCON society. However the principle issue here is this, is it better to have a division of orthodoxy and reform, or is it time to revisit a calcified and politicized orthodoxy that views Prabhupada inaccurately in regards to how he wanted and needs to be seen.

So far as whether the GBC will avoid this particular forum because it leaves them vulnerable or may lead to their being criticized by other GBC's as not representing a particular ISKCON law, is ludicrous to the persona of a sadhu. ISKCON is supposed to stand for not merging into undifferentiated oneness. Aside from that, most GBC's are sannyasis and are supposed to be fearless and open to God. To hear the voices of the people, of all generations and sexes, who are no less important than them, is to hear truth. Since sannyasis are not supposed to be attached to positions of power and are to live under a different tree every night, why should they be worried about anything? Truth is the cloth they wear.

Perhaps it is time, in calling for synthesis, to revisit Prabhupada’s Direction of Management and usher in the fresh air of evolved minds.......

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Satvatas Dasa
April 2 at 7:18pm ·

Satvatas Dasa
If "ISKCON "gurus" come to see Srila Gurudeva in secret and yet tell their disciples not to have any association with him" as you say, then yes that does not make sense at all. Do you know which Iskcon gurus are doing this?
April 2 at 7:20pm ·

Jaya Sri
Dandavats! Thanks for posting the link. Well, Radhanath swami comes to hear from Srila Gurudev, and in the past they have had a good relationship with each other, I think Radhanath swami really respects our Gurudev, but in the video below Gurudev asks him why he will not let his disciples hear from him. Unfortunately that part got edited out of ... See Morethe video.. I believe Indrayuma(sp) swami has also visited Gurudeva and on the surface they are very friendly. But my experience here in Portland is different because the ISKCON temple president warns devotees not to get too close to Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja disciples. He states that "ISKCON has to be careful of it's association" That doesnt sound like good Vaisnava ettiquette to me. The politics are still there. You know prabhu, it's not my desire to be critical of anyone. I try to back my words with facts. I have served this community here in any way I possible can by doing kitchen seva, organizing for festivals, you name it, be it ISKCON or otherwise. I'm not looking for a pat on the back either because all vaisnavas should have this mood. But after I got initiated I definitely got the cold shoulder at the ISKCON temple. Not from everyone but certainly those who are in a position of power. Too, I have had to listen to what they "heard" about Srila Gurudeva, no one even takes the time to really find out anything for themselves, they just go by idle gossip...well, slander in this case. So we opened The Gair-Nitai Center dedicated to our Gurudeva and you know what? So many people are flocking in because they are tired of the politics too, they just want to hear some Hari Katha! Krishna is a very tricky person...
April 2 at 7:52pm ·
Satvatas Dasa

Thanks for the video link. I will have a look. Sorry to hear that you are being mistreated in the Iskcon temple. But this is the experience of many devotees these days. On the other hand it is good to hear that you have a center dedicated to your Gurudeva and that it is going well. Wonderful news! This is the spirit, why bother fighting with these Iskcon leaders. Better to set a nice example and let people decide for themselves. All the best.
April 2 at 8:27pm ·

Jaya Sri
Thank you. And if you are ever in the Portland area please do stop by on Sat. eve 5:30pm for some kirtan, lecture/discussion, aarti and a sumptious prasadam, we have great cooks here:-) If anyone cannot understand the last conversation between Gurudeva and Srila Prabhupad due to Srila Prabhupada's weakness at the time (melted my heart), they can go to for a written transcript. Click the bottom right hand link entitled:

"Srila Prabhupada's final instructions for cooperating with His Godbrothers"

and it should appear. Thanks.... See More
April 2 at 8:39pm ·
Miquel Rabell Bhakti-yoga
Miquel Rabell Bhakti-yoga
Prabhu Gopa Murti explica la vital Importancia de tener una Escuela de Bhakti-Yoga, con su Guru Director Iniciador y sus Directivos consejeros considerados todos Bhakta Gurudevas Vaishnavas y Krishna-Bhaktas en el canto del Santo Nombre. Escuchar y cantar en el Bhakti, es mas que leer y escribir literatura del Bhakti, la cultura del S... See Moreánscrito, la lengua Madre de la Tierra y de los Semidioses como Brahma.
Pienso que progreso es ir siempre en favor de la Naturaleza y el ser vivo desvalido y solo el Yoga conoce la manera correcta en la meta de la vida, por encima de las miserias temporales, se libera al Mundo espiritual definitivamente; es su gloria abrazada a Krishna nos contaba Srila Gurudeva Prabhupada y ahora afortunadamente tenemos a Srila Gurudeva Narayana como Director de la Escuela de Bhakti principal de la India para que los Bhaktas occidentales no discutamos que es y que no es Materia (Maya), simplemente le preguntemos al mejor representante de nuestro Gurudeva Prabhupada, si estamos aprendiendo a ser Bhaktas todavia a pesar de toda nuestra sabiduría..
Bueno es mi conclusión sincera, que seamos reyes o zapateros igualmente somos agricultores con muchas pretensiones jeje..
April 3 at 7:50pm ·
Jaya Sri
Jaya Sri
one more time in English hablan Espanol...:-)
April 3 at 7:56pm ·
Jaya Sri
Jaya Sri
Dandavat Pranamas! Here is one of many letters from Srila Prabhupada in the 1960's perfectly demonstration how Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja served him throughout the years and the nature of their relationship. The letter can be found on

A.C. Bhakativedanta Swami

26 Second Avenue... See More
Apt. B 1 Rear
New York N.Y.
December 15, 1966

Sripada Narayana Maharaja,

After receiving your letter of the 13 November and hearing of your difficulty, I replied to you on the 19th November. In that letter I instructed you to deposit Rs 1,500/- into my account at the Vrndavan Punjab National Bank. If you have not deposited the money yet, Please let me know if you have purchased the goods or not. I came to know that my disciple Chandrashekara form Delhi wrote you a letter. Chandrashekara sent me a copy of your reply to him. In that letter I came to know that foolish Chandrashekara had blasphemed you. Fools do not know how to honor Vaishnavas. By your greatness please excuse him. I haven't instructed him to do such a thing. I only told him to visit you. Anyway excuse his aparadha. Chandrashekara is a good man. but out of foolishness he used bad words to you. You please forgive him and me out of your good qualities.

There are some more instructions on buying and shipping deities. However the important instructions about proper Vaishnava etiquette are given by Srila Prabhupada in the previous paragraph. The letter is signed
Affectionately Yours
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
April 3 at 10:26pm ·

Satvatas Dasa
Hare Krishna Jaya Sri Mataji, I just watched the video wherein Radhanath swami comes to hear from Srila Gurudev. Do you know why that part of the video you mentioned was edited out? Would it be possible to see the full version, or maybe an audio recording is available?

And thank you for the invite to the Portland Center, unfortunately I am many thousands of miles away with little money for travel.
April 4 at 1:00am ·

Jaya Sri
Dandavats prabu! I can try and get it, I'll ask one of our seniors. I have to make a correction...I stated that Indrayuma was one of the Swami's that has visited Srila Gurudev, but it was in fact Jayadvaita swami and the video is on youtube as well, the visit was on May 4, 2008 in Alachua, FL. Both the Gaudiya Math(related to Gurudev) and ISKCON have centers there.
April 4 at 1:32am ·

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  1. Thankyou, for making this blog available.

    Good communication can heal, the wounds of misunderstanding, and selfishly motivated political tactics...."Faults are thick , where love is thin...and where love is thick, faults are thin." If Srila Prabhupada could love Srila Gurudeva, and appreciate all the service Srila Gurudeva gave, all the Prabhupada disciples should follow their master's example. But Maya is always trying to attack whatever weak points we may have, and in some cases the attachment to position, adoration, and distinction gets in the way, to create fear of losing what we have. Like Sukracharya, advising Bali Maharaja against giving the 3 paces of land to Lord Vamanadeva.

    It's natural for conditioned souls, who are not yet fully purified to feel this way. Therefore, even though many Iskcon Guru's and Prabhupada disciples had in the past heard from Srila Gurudeva, they became afraid of losing their disciples or honored position in front of the learned effulgence of Srila Gurudeva. But Bali Maharaja, did not become a loser by giving to Lord Vamanadeva, instead he became glorified as one of the Mahajana's. No one becomes the loser, by "giving credit, where credit is due". One only becomes the loser, when affected by envy and jealousy.

    Force is not a symptom of devotion. Inspiration, and heart felt attraction is the basis of love, and this emotion is naturally stirred in the heart by a genuine qualified guru.

    Iskcon has tried by force to stop people from getting the mercy of Srila Gurudeva, but this is not pleasing to Srila Prabhupada, nor to the Supreme Lord Himself.

    Hopefully by good communication, and humble attitude the truth will be revealed and shared, and by unconditional love we can all partake in Hari Nama Sankirtan, without the feelings of sectarianism.