Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interviewers Notes -

posted by Vaisnava dasa

Often times when I travel, devotees approach me asking how Bhagavan is doing. Many had fond memories of their time with him and told me how much he played a part in their spiritual development through his leadership, music and personal counseling. His leaving had left a significant emptiness in many who looked up to him and a strong desire to reestablish communication. Knowing that he has chosen to keep to himself and be close to a small circle of friends, I encouraged him to share his life again with those whom he was close to. Especially now in the age of cyber-communications with web pages, blogs, facebooks, etc, communication is extremely expedient. I feel he still has much to offer and I am happy to be able to open the doors to whoever wants to make a connection.

There is now a webpage that can be accessed at a blog at and a facebook page under William Ehrlichman. I have included his past history in ISKCON, which many know but some may not. As many want to know more of him in present time, I have done this interview to begin the exchange of ideas. There are many questions that people have asked me about him, so I have gleaned out the main themes in the form of questions and answers. Most questions revolved around the reasons for his leaving and how he sees things now. Feel free to continue the talks if you agree or not with the points being made.

At present, Bhagavan das lives in Three Rivers, CA with his partner Sona, on the beautiful rapids of the Kaweah River. His eldest son Vaisnava, is an established acupuncturist and practitioner of Oriental medicine. He will be getting married to his fiancee, Dhyana this April at the Laguna temple. His youngest children, Devesha (Devon), is graduating from San Diego State University and entering a career in physical therapy. His youngest daughter, Julia (Shanti) is studying at UCLA. Gaurvani, recently married and is in business management. Bhagavan is still best friends with first wife, Krsna Bhamini and her husband Brajesh, a naturopathic doctor, who played a large role in directing Vaisnava into the healing arts.

Having always been interested in art and architecture, Bhagavan established a design and building company in Three Rivers , CA, which employs devotees from the area. It is my hope that he will again be a force in some way to help heal the spiritual rifts and anomalies that trouble our times.