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Be at Peace with Sexuality

Be at Peace with Sexuality.

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Question from Bernard:

Bhagavan Prabhu, I hope you don't mind if I ask...

What you write about the grihasta asrama and sexuality makes so much sense; but Srila Prabhupada gave his followers a much different standard. He was the one who instructed the disciples not to practice their sexual energy outside of procreation, and as far as I know, he enforced this instruction. Even now one does not get initiated if he deviates from the standards that Prabhupada defined.

What do you think about this. Was Prabhupada wrong when he set the standards for his Western disciples? Was he a pure devotee? How can a pure devotee go wrong in such a core issue?

the confused bh Bernard

Bhagavan wrote:

Dear Bernard,

Prabhupada came to the west and saw the excesses going on in everyone's life-from meat eating to corporate exploitation in N.Y. skyscrapers to the sexual revolution. In establishing ISKCON he sought to bring balance into the lives of his disciples so they would be focused. He stated often that he only had time to build the framework of the house and it was up to us to do the finishing work. When things didn't work out as he planned, he changed direction. At first he didn't even want women in the movement then he gave them brahmin initiation. He adjusted the number of rounds he required and didn't approve of divorce but again remarried couples.

As you may have read, he personally had a tumultuous relationship with his wife and had to let go of a woman who he cared for deeply. As mentioned in the Prabhupada Lilamrita he even contemplated taking this women he loved as a second wife. As such it is only natural that he brought his own life experiences with him when he met us. We can not take out of the equation that not only was Prabhupada a mahatma he was a human being as well, albeit it not an ordinary one. He was a giver of the Vedic conclusions and the Vedic culture of which Kama Sutra a text enunciated by Nandi, illuminates sexuality and the deep connection it has to spirituality.

As a sannyasi he chose to point out the dangers that could arise from sex. He also pointed out problems that could stem from eating too much but at the same time he wanted us to eat tasty prasadam. He warned about the excesses of money yet had us collect millions for temples and books. There are many details he could have chosen to go further into but his nonstop focus was publishing books and establishing temples. For the most part when he discussed sex, he would point out its downside.

With that being said, there is a whole slew of problems that arose from sexual denial that have shaken the movement through out its history. Because you have a car accident doesn't mean that driving isn't safe. It means that some people may take their eyes off the road. Accepting that God is the source of all things, including the sexual energy, it stands to reason that if we follow that energy back to it’s source we can find our origin in love. So the abuse of something does not negate its intended link. Krsna is clear in BG that everything should be done as an offering to Him and for all activities and their results one should depend on Him. As was discussed in the interview on the blog, there was massive abuse of women and children, an unhealthy high divorce rate in ISKCON and a collective deep feeling of guilt over sexuality within marriage.

So how do you offer sex on the altar of the body, mind and heart? You do not exclude the Creator of the senses from the work of the senses. If the senses, mind, intelligence and the atma itself are part and parcel of God, everything has its intended brilliance. As we say, iron when put into the fire becomes fire.

It is your responsibility if you choose to do something that sounds one way but feels another way. The "sounds good, feels bad" experience or intuition, is a red flag not to be ignored when finding truth.

A man doesn't have to lose his energy through sex, a woman has a right and need to orgasm. Children have the possibility of being born from sexually and spiritually balanced parents.

I hope this moves the dialogue along,


Comments thread:

Alexis Kriel
I agree with you - it will all have to be resolved in time - there is no other way. Happily, I have been working on "my stuff" quite dilligently over the years. Deep inner work can be exhausting - but it's essential. Creating auspiciousness through spiritual activity doesn't seem to be enough. It's necessary to understand the route of the ... See Morejudgments we hold through some understanding and knowledge of psychology and the pathology of human beings - it doesn't just magically dissapear. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. It's much appreciated and valued.
March 15 at 1:26am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
This is exactly what would have been my next question to you, considering our discussion around love/sex and relationship seminars for ISKCON devotees.
What about what Prabhupada said about sex?
And you answered it before I got to the question.
Someone else beat me to it.
I love that, because this proves that it's an actual, general issue that engages more than just a few.... See More

One of my ideas around Srila Prabhupadas attitude towards sexuality, is also that he went to British schools, was raised with a Victorian view, due to the British influence, which of course influenced the whole of India.

For centuries, the British didn't care that much about the lives of the Indian community - they where mostly into trading and plundering. But in the 19th century, when the British learnt to know more about the tantrics, they were appalled by the Indian religion, mixing sex with divinity, and the hindu ways at a whole. So they went on a mission to erase the tantrics, and to "salvage" the barbaric hindus, by sending thousands of missionaries into the villages, establishing western christian (British, victorian) ideals all over the place.

So it is also my theory that when Bhaktivinode Thakur went about to stop the local "Krishna-lila games", it was to gain more respect for the vaishnava tradition from the British. And he was a magistrate within a British system, so there is logic behind it.
March 15 at 4:03am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
I am not referring to these things as a critizism towards previos acharyas, but only to understand that they acted within a context, adapting to a certain situation. Every true teacher/leader has to see the present, and act accordingly.

My personal experience is that strict celibacy is an impossible ideal to pursue. We can see the result of this (not only in ISKCON), and if we want devotional attitude and philosophy to prosper, we have to act accordingly.

We live in different times. Prabhupada was born in the 19th century, and he was really old, even when he arrived in the US, more than 40 years ago. The gift he brought is absolutely priceless and eternal. But we should also remember that he did not copy the style of his guru - he created something entirely new, something his guru may or may not would have thought of, or even gone along with, at least in detail.... See More

But he did follow the instructions of his guru - in his own way. The particular details were not the central issue. The outer form must always serve the inner purpose - not the opposite.
March 15 at 4:25am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
So my conclusion is that we have to be equally wise, and like previous acharyas, we have to adapt, and create a new form that serves the purpose as efficient as possible.

If we keep our minds and hearts focused on the core issue - the all-pervading Love for God – the world, other people and ourselves –we can, and should, create new ways to live and spread a higher consciousness.

Bhaktisiddhanta sent his sannyasis out on motorcycles. That was radical beyond belief. Prabhupada was no less radical in his spreading of vaishnavism all over the world....

So we have to ask ourselves - in what way can we become better, more truthful, more loving, more devotional, more humble (less ego) and more generous?

And I am sure that the answer will undoubtedly be very radical. But maybe it's worth a try?
March 15 at 4:34am ·

Karunika Dasi
Hare Krishna all, I have been following some of Bhagavan prabhu's posts and appreciate many points made. I can also relate to the negative effects that enforcing the fourth principle in its most rigid sense can have on a society. But, I don't agree with the point that physical union can bring one closer to God. Where does this teaching come from? Lord Chaitanya did not appreciate the tantrics and he was not trying to impress any British man..... Neither is it true that the sannyasa order is impossible. Very difficult, but not impossible. It takes a higher consciousness to maintain celibacy and in spiritual life one aspires towards higher consciousness and complete celibacy. ys
March 15 at 8:33am ·

Dave Ehrlichman
Hi Karunika, Thanks for your input on this forum. Though you make some good points, I beg to differ on some. Lord Nityananda took 2 wives, and did this after He took sanyas. Lord Krishna, Rama and many others, including our own Vaishnava acharyas like Bhaktivinode Thakur, showed spirituality within the context of family life.

Personally, I believe that sexuality and spirituality are not only possible but are necessary for both integration of self and the relationship. How can we exclude from spirituality, one of the most powerful evolutionary forces in our own nature? Spirituality in my view, is inclusive not exclusive to celibates (though they would have us believe otherwise). Artificial renunciation is like the swing of a pendulum, which will invariably swing the other way until it can finally be still and balanced in the "centered" state (where the yin and yang principles of masculine and feminine, are balanced in harmony, not polarized into duality). Seeing divinity in ones partner and offering the fruits of human love and commitment, for the pleasure of the Divine couple (who is also within us and our relationships), is a valid and worthy way to integrate these things, at least for those of us grihastas.

All of evolution seems to revolve around the pleasure principle and avoidance of the pain principle. Since we are created from this pleasure principle, Krishna, and have it as our core driving force, and seek it everywhere by evolutionary default, I see no problem in spiritualizing it along with everything else. By accepting rather than denying our feelings, desires and sexuality, by using it them with conscious intention, we can raise and grow loving consciousness within ourselves and in our relationships and use this energy as fuel for healing and spiritual growth.

It is precisely the lack of spirituality within sexuality and loveless relationships, that causes so many problems and divorces and unwanted offspring. I find it ironic how the spiritual celibates can justify and worship God's loving / tantric affairs in countless stories (be they monogomous or polygomous), but then demean this core human nature in their own lives and selves. They say we are not God, so we can't behave this way. I say we are created with and by God's loving pleasure principle. So why deny it rather than accepting it and using it wisely to become more wholesome and loving? Loving relationships are a solid base for balance and spirituality.
March 15 at 10:41am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
Sex is a natural force, like fire. Not good, not bad, not sinful, not glorious - just a natural force.

And like fire, we can use it in a creative way. Fire can be utilized in cooking, smithery, melting, creating heat and light, making motors run, and so many things. Fire can also be used in yajnas, in puja ceremonies - the sacred fire. And fire can be used to burn down books, houses and people.

To get the most out of fire, we need to learn as much as we can about it, to control it, to focus it where it is needed. Yes, we can live without fire, but that will be very uncomfortable.... See More

I think it is the same with sexuality. Yes, a few persons can live as celibates, naturally. Typically, I would say that most of them are asexual.

Karunika dasi claims that sexual union cannot bring one closer to God - well, I don't know scriptures well enough, so I speak from my own experience instead.

My personal experience, from actually worshipping my wife as my Goddess, is that it works. I feel closer to the Divine through the loving relationship I have with my wife. And the ecstasy we can experience together does definitely make both of us much more connected to everything within ourselves, between each other, and everything around us.

And to be frank, I do not care that much for scripture, at least not as far as putting scripture above my own judgement. No scriptures in the world knows better than me what is good for myself. Scriptures can be a great source of inspiration and knowledge, in the sense that they are written by people with a lot of experience and knowledge.

But I have to make my decisions about my life based on my own perception and understanding, first of all.
That's the only thing that works in the long run.
March 15 at 11:28am ·

Dave Ehrlichman
Scriptures are so often misused, misquoted and misunderstood and taken out of context... to control, manipulate and lead people towards certain agendas and paradigms. I've seen this time and time again... And there are so many different scriptures for different folks, who each claim theirs is best... Look at how many "Prabhupada said" quotes are out there, used by people to authenticate their own control agendas...

I would rather follow my own intuition and "feel" the truth in statements, philosophies and paradigms, before following things blindly or giving up my personal power and individuality to a group think mindset.
March 15 at 6:45pm ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
Yes, that is my point, but you clarified it, Vaish - in a very perfect way.

Scriptures can be used in so many different ways, constructive or destructive – something we can see in the world.

My point is also that you should trust your instincts, trust your sincerity and honest longing for spiritual development. If you are sincere, you have nothing to fear from following the song of your heart.

However, if you are not sincere, you can follow any scripture, any guru, but you will not come to the goal of that path anyway, because what really counts in the end is not how strict you were following runles and regulations, discipline and form - it's the strength of your heart's desire.

We always get what we want, somehow or other.
March 15 at 11:59pm ·

Dave Ehrlichman
Desire, guided by conscious intent can become "attuned" to Divine will (which is our natural birthright), and thus we can remain connected thru our desire and intention to be thus. It's a free will Universe, as long as we respect the rules to live and let live, without over riding anyone else's free will.
March 16 at 12:04am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
YES! That is again exactly my point! You certainly have a way with words, and a clear mind, Vaish!

If you follow your heart's intent, with compassion, love and respect for yourself and others, humility and acceptance for others, that they may be following another path, or a variation of the same, just being sincere and true to your innermost longing - you will get where you want.

It's a law of nature, that when you have a goal, you will reach it - unless you stop walking, or change directions.
And sometimes the path and the goal is the same. You become full of Love and Devotion by being/acting with Love and Devotion. You become enthusiastic by deciding to be enthusiastic.

I find it very depressing that a lot of people has such a low self-esteem, and such a lack of trust in themselves, so they think that they need outside control, rules, regulations, strict leadership, control systems, punishment - not to do "the wrong thing", or go astray.

Love means trust. Love means being true to yourself, trusting your inner vision. If you are not true to yourself, how can you ever be true to anyone else?

And finally - no matter how low, worthless, bewildered and unwise you think you are on your own - you have to remember that you are never really on your own. You have a great companion – inside of you. The paramatma. The divine can be reached directly - it is very, very close.

So if it is too hard to trust yourself, remember that you have a friend inside of you. Trust the Supersoul.
March 16 at 12:58am ·

Alexis Kriel
If you think about something like Reiki - and how energy moves from one person to another - you can understand the transfer of energy in sex (which is the closest physical union between people). Sex is like food - which is given and shared - and also affects our consciousness. As we are sensative about the food we eat, so we would naturally be sensative about who we share our bodies with. The tantric idea around sex would be to harness the shared energy during union and purify oneself with it. As one's subtle perceptions grow, so one would experience different facets of that energy during sexual union - and the feeling would certainly be shared by two spiritually inclined individuals. So sex becomes more subtle, more enlightened and a deeper sharing of union. In my mind, there would be no question that physical intimacy would be important in a marriage and would keep the couple attached. In the community of devotees, grhasthas would need to speak about this - and unfortunately, it's not spoken about. I had a sense when I was married and living in the temple that the idea was - do what you need to do, but don't tell anyone.
March 16 at 1:03am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
Ah - two very important points, Alexis.

First of all - thank you for adding another perspective to the tantric idea. I am a teacher of love and relationships, including tantra, which of course does not mean I know it all – I learn new things all the time.

The reiki transfer of energies is a very good analogy. We transfer energies between each other all the time, even just by looking at each other, so in a sense it is quite absurd to think that we would NOT transfer very strong energies when we are engaged in sexual union - including our spiritual desire.... See More

The other very important point is the double standard and secretive attitude that flourish in a society wherein the outer form is more important than the inner sense, wherein the attitudes, status and hierarchies become more important than sincerity, honesty, humility and truth.

It is especially the tabooed subjects that need to be adressed. Everything that is taboo holds us back, keeps us down, chains us.

Let it out, speak about it, be honest and sincere, let your feelings flow.

Vaishnavism is an emotional path. It's' a tradition of love. Let's realize that, guys! :-)
March 16 at 1:13am ·

Alexis Kriel
I agree with you Carl ....great point about the the outer form being less important than the inner. While I have, for example taken physical diksha before idea now would be that initiation happens in the heart. And I would feel very sure that this form of initiation is real.
March 16 at 1:22am ·

Catherine Rogers
i have to say that all the points made here reflect how deeply you all seem to feel about life and the best way to live it realistically and truthfully.. i have appreciated reading the comments, they certainly got me thinking.. and would just like to say thank you for sharing... i have only one regret about my life.. and that is that i chose to be here at all.. its seems that there is no real answer, because as soon as you think you have one, someone comes along and tells you it means something else.. if it wasn't for the fact that i am just one of those "shee"p.. i think i would have gone into information overload and been totally blown away.. i just chant Hare Krsna and follow the instructions of my Spiritual Master.. what else is there to do if we want to keep sane?.. Respectfully yours.. Caitanya Carana devi dasi
March 16 at 10:41am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
If it makes you happy, and you feel fulfilled - go for it. Whatever it is.
March 16 at 10:43am ·

Catherine Rogers
thank you Carl.. much appreciated.. CC
March 16 at 11:04am ·

Alexis Kriel
I can't imagine living an unfulfilled life. I have been too happy for too long to accept anything else. Happiness is our birthright, and surely the means is the same as the end. If we are happy now and see the world for it's beauty, it's miracles, it's eternal relationships - through spiritual eyes ...then isn't that where we continue? How would it... See More be possible to feel a deep unhappiness and expect that at the time of death, we are liberated from this? That doesn't make sense to me at all. I couldn't imagine living out my life, with the idea that this material world is full of suffering, biding my time and waiting to die. Nope - that's not for me.
March 16 at 11:39am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
Especially if you choose the perspective that the consciousness you are in when you die, will be what you achieve after death. What you sow you shall reep.

My hope is that when I die, I will do it in the arms of my greatest love. So that the last thing I see in life will be her face. Because for me she is divine, she is my Goddess - so that will be what I will continue in my next life - if I get to see one.

And if I don't, I will still have died a happy man....
Who could ask for more?
March 16 at 2:39pm ·

Dave Ehrlichman
If our consciousness is the guiding force of our life, then it would make sense that how we live here and now, affects the direction of our journey going forward. If happiness comes from following others and keeps things simple, great. If one is a free spirit driven by their own inner guidance and personal attunement, that is also great. God/dess Creator is so wonderful that They give us so many different ways to experience and know and understand Them, be it thru scriptures, countless paths or direct life experience. So I say follow our bliss, by choice...

Thank you all for sharing your presence and wonderful, profound realizations. We are all so blessed, in infinite ways. Gratitude and love is the door to seeing with spiritual vision.

March 16 at 2:49pm ·

Alexis Kriel
Shew Carl - your wife must be one awesome lady ....I'd love to hear from her how she has achieved such deep admiration and love from her husband. Truly inspirational.
March 16 at 3:31pm ·

Karunika Dasi
Being in tune with one's intuition, consciousness, environment, sex life is important for a spiritually whole person. However, in and of itself, depending only on one's intuition does not necessarily lead to bhakti. Both Srila Prabhupada and the Vaisnava scriptures/acaryas describe sex life as the most powerful binding force to the material world. To teach differently is propagating a different philosophy (karma khanda/kama sutra whatever). That is fine but it should not be taught under the guise of repeating Srila Prabhupada's teachings.
March 16 at 9:48pm ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
Thank you Vaish, for your lovely reflections, your thoughts and realizations.

And yes, Alexis - my lady is definitely an awesome woman in all respects.
March 17 at 1:09am ·

Dave Ehrlichman
We each can understand things our own way and express them in our own form. Accusing Bhagavan of preaching or teaching anything, when he is sharing his perspective on a relevant and highly mis-understood topic(s), while also allowing your voice and others to be equally expressed? Sharing does not have to translate to "preaching, teaching, propagating or contradicting."

This is a forum of discourse where relevant topics are being discussed and shared among equals. There is no speaking against, or preaching contrary to Prabhupada here in this regard. That is your opinion or judgement, because it differs from your perspective.

Spirituality can Also include being materially balanced in all areas including sacred sexuality.
March 17 at 1:56am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
There is also Karma Yoga, which Krishna mentions in Bhagavad-Gita, as one of the paths to divine consciousness. There are different paths for different people, and that is one of the most fascinating things about Vedic philosophy and religion, that everyone can achieve perfection - from their respective starting point.
March 17 at 2:00am ·

Alexis Kriel
Karun - I didn't hear anyone her speak about or propogate sex / lots of sex / unlimited sex / sex with multiple partners - only ideas around sacred sex are being discussed. Is this sinful?
March 17 at 2:23am ·

Alexis Kriel
And let me ask you Karun - are your children going to agree to a life of celibacy? My son certainly isn't. And how are you planning to advise them on this subject?
March 17 at 2:25am ·

Karunika Dasi
Vaish I did not accuse anyone - I stated a principle. My dear friend Lexi, I never said anything about quantitative sex. I am addressing the question whether one can make spiritual advancement through sex or not. In balancing one's life it may help to keep the stability needed for advancement. As Carl noted that is the beauty of Vedic philosophy - it has a place for everyone. Krsna mentions karma-yoga in Bhagavad-gita but explains higher and higher principles so it's the same here. There are higher and higher principles. I never said sex is sinful - I said it binds one to the material world. I never said I am above it. I never said my children will follow celibacy. I don't even dream of it! I am very open with my children and we have a balanced family life and healthy discussions. My point is that although one needs to be at "peace with his sexuality" the highest sexual principle that one on the path of bhakti aspires to (in lifetimes to come if not in this lifetime) is "to be at peace with his renunciation". It is one thing to accept where we are at and to be "at peace" with that and another to acknowledge what is the ultimate goal and aspire to it. To mix the two is what I don't agree with.
March 17 at 4:13am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
And just like many previous spiritual persons have been married, having a sex life, I say that just like anything else can be used in the service of the Divine, such as cooking (there's a strong attraction to the material world, if any!), sex can also be utilized for spiritual advancement.

But that's my truth, my realization, and I cannot press it upon you, Karunika. I respect your sincere standpoint, although we may differ in our experiences.
March 17 at 4:25am ·

Karunika Dasi
and a further note - I don't mean that the goal of bhakti is renunciation. It is an automatic by-product that accompanies it.
March 17 at 4:30am ·

Alexis Kriel
thanks for explaining Karun - you are an outstanding devotee in every way. I love you for it, and I would love you without it. I think that what is being discussed is the quality of the sexual experience one could aspire to in family life - if you are not on the highest level of celibacy and renunciation. I think it's good and that it should be discussed. But I understand that it may make many people feel uncomfortable.
March 17 at 4:33am ·

Karunika Dasi
Spiritual persons had a sex life but their purport of "dharma-aviruddha" is the procreation of God-conscious children. That is equal to renunciation. The "sacred" sex discussed in this forum is different.
March 17 at 4:34am ·

Alexis Kriel
The world is different
March 17 at 4:35am ·

Alexis Kriel
And being out in the world changes you....I have changed, but I feel that my spiritual life is very much alive. Very different from when I lived in the temple.
March 17 at 4:38am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
As I said previously, Karunika - I respect your views, and your experience.

But as I also said, my experience is that sacred sex has provided me with a great tool to evolve spiritually. It has changed me. Through meditative focus of the mind, breathing techniques, energy movement and charging of the heart, there can be a very strong positive effect which definitely has a spiritual significance. That's my first-hand experience.

But in order to accept these ideas fully, one of course has to experience it in first person, within yourself - otherwise it may seem like flimsy theories.... See More

Just like chanting the maha-mantra. If you haven't tried it, the whole concept of changing your consciousness through a series of syllables may sound absolutely bizarre, unimaginable. It has to be experienced.
March 17 at 5:34am ·

Alexis Kriel
I've just re-read this thread and the conversation that has followed.... it is dense with personality, learning, old wisdom, new wisdom, deep and profound ideas, personal realizations and revelations. I think I could continue to read through it indefinitely, finding new points to explore - I love Vaish's words "follow your bliss" .....these alone contain books of teachings. I too want to profoundly thank everyone who contributed here for your inspired association. Dandavats.
March 17 at 9:56am ·

Carl Johan Rehbinder
I agree completely, Alexis. If all discussions, on the web and off the web, would go down like this - we would have peace on earth.

I think I will save this whole thread in a document on my computer...
March 17 at 10:07am ·

Alexis Kriel
likewise - I'm saving it too ....
March 17 at 10:15am ·

Dave Ehrlichman
Thank you all, for your wonderful sharing of your time and presence. Karunika, thank you for your good points and (traditional perspective) but also for your open mind to hearing, allowing and respecting the points of others. And to Carl and Alexis... I'm loving your integrated and wholesome perspectives. Thank you all for your friendships here.
March 17 at 5:03pm ·

Parama Karuna Devi
If I may add a thought -
yah sastra-vidhim utsrijya vartate kama-karatah
na sa siddhim avapnoti na sukham na param gatim
He who discards scriptural injunctions and acts according to his own whims attains neither perfection, nor happiness, nor the supreme destination. ( Gita 16.23)
Krishna says "dharmaviruddho bhutesu kamo 'smi bharatarsabha". If we consider that the basic principles of Dharma are TRUTHFULNESS, COMPASSION, CLEANLINESS AND SELF-CONTROL, we got our solution without having to INVENT anything new. ... See More
Prabhupada often remarked that the "western disease" was to always want to invent something new.
March 17 at 7:51pm ·

Karunika Dasi
Love your love Lexi, sending a whole load back ♥ Thank you all for your open, respectful discussion. I remember Vaishnava as a young boy in New Mayapura and am happy that he has grown up into such a sensitive, touching writer and person. Hare Krsna!
March 17 at 8:26pm ·

Caitanya Dasi
Srila Prabhupada stated in many, many lectures: after 50 years of age, it is mandatory to take Vanaprastha. This means that husband and wife live together, but no more sex life. They travel to holy places and dedicate their lives in helping each other to become more Krishna conscious.

Due to false renunciation at a young age; we see within ISKCON ... See Morethat men especially, did not fulfill their dharma of household life, and now in their 50's & 60's are hankering for the association of a woman in order to make up for lost time!
Sad...but it's kali yuga, and everything is topsy turvy.
March 17 at 8:50pm ·

Swarup Hebel
Letter I received from Srila Prabhupada shortly after I was married:

My Dear Svarupa,
Please accept my blessings. I thank you very much for your letter dated 8th June, 1971 and very generous contribution of $50 on the event of your marriage to Susan O'Neil. So now you are married in Krishna Consciousness; that is very nice. But sometimes married life is risky business because being attracted by the wife, one forgets Krishna. But if both the husband and wife remember Krishna, then their householder life becomes Vaikuntha.
Our acharya Bhaktivinode Thakura was the perfect householder and we should take his example. How nice a householder he was and how nice children he produced; one of them is my Guru Maharaja. That is the example. So follow it and become successful in Krishna Consciousness.... See More
Please offer my blessings to your good wife Susan. Hoping this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
March 17 at 11:33pm ·

Inez Canvasser
Has been very special meeting you all in these wonderful communications, expressing ourselves and our truths. I am the mother of Vais, and the close friend of Bhagavan. We have all grown together throughout these years with respect and love. Our devotional life is quite a journey of coming to terms with our high aspirations of developing more deeply our love for Radha Krsna and all others , including ourselves. I think what we have all learned is that we need to be authentic in our intentions, so that our outside actions reflect our inner understandings , truths, and intuition. If we try to renounce artificially, that only leads to disaster as we have seen . If we can love and grow and at the same time keep the essence of our spiritual masters vision and teachings for us and the world always in the forefront of our consciousness, we will be acting in honesty and there will not be any confusion or unbalance or unhappiness in our lives. This is how I have tried to live my life since leaving the " ashram" over 20 years ago, and it has been a wonderful life full of balance , understandings, love and growth. And I have tried to impart this to my husband, children, relatives and friends. Certainly life always has its challenges, but this is how we grow . Keep our intentions pure , be honest with ourselves and others, and try to love and please Srila Prabhupada to the best of our abilities and always pray for Mercy. Much love, Krsna Bhamini
March 18 at 2:26pm ·

Swarup Hebel
March 18 at 4:29pm ·

Karunika Dasi
Wise and beautiful words from a beautiful person whom I have always had admiration for - Mother Krsna Bhamini. Don't think you remember me: I was a teenager (from Seychelles) when I joined and Bhagavan pr had requested that you personally take care of me in the sankirtan house of Paris for a couple of months while I was serving there. Your words come from an accomplished, experienced, loving mother and I thank you for them. with love, Karunika
March 18 at 8:12pm ·

Caitanya Dasi
Dearest KB, you have always been a loving, compassionate, caring soul. I am so happy to have had your association back in the old days. Much love to you and your family.
Jaya Srila Prabhupada, our eternal spiritual master and guide on this journey back to Godhead.
March 18 at 8:35pm ·

Inez Canvasser
Kaurnika, thank you for your kind words. If I saw you , I would probably remember our time together. Wishing you much love and happiness and Krsna in your life. Krsna Bhamini
March 23 at 10:26am ·

Inez Canvasser
caitanya- Hey what's up? Where are you living? Are you in La? We are not so far apart. Should see each other some time. I always remember you as a beautiful and energetic little fireball, and your great kids. Send me some new. Love KB
March 23 at 10:27am ·

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  1. Ayurveda, the Vedic Science of Living, gives good council in this area of discussion. As we mature in our understanding, like a fruit ripened in the sun, we will know how to master the energy of the body, transforming lust into love. It is something that can not be forced, because something artifical will not last. But the process of chanting the Holy Name, with affection will give us everything necessary to feel satisfied and peaceful in our loving union with the Supreme Divine Couple. Until then, Prabhupada has stated that sexlife is the cause of suffering, yet at the same time, sex life according to religious principles is Krsna Himself. Individually, this self realization, will come when we deserve to receive it. I feel that by applying ourselves, with love to the process given by the spiritual master, all things become revealed in the heart, and we will naturally know what is to be done, and not done. We are not here to judge others, but to find that loving connection, that our spiritual master has promised to make us happy forever.