Saturday, March 13, 2010

One foot in the Spiritual world...

One foot in the Spiritual world...

Copied from FB forum w/ comments threads below:
Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 12:40am

Bhagavan wrote:

Prabhupada showed how to keep one foot in the spiritual world and one foot here.

He was very well aware of the abuses of power going on in the world. He expected us to resolve our differences and get on with the real work of relieving the distress of the Earth-as Krsna did when she cried for Him.

He wanted his people to be scientists and politicians, philosophers and philanthropists.

He cried for the trees, he cried for the cows, he cried for the poor and unfortunate. He cried for us.

Those who presently rule the world engage in a wanton destruction of nature.

They propagate the illusion that consuming everything on Earth in the fire of raging greed
is what it means to be alive and successful. They are setting fire to their house to stay warm.
Pathology reigns.

The environmental destruction parallels the extreme inequality among people and races. The owners of capital are like ticks that drink the blood of the everything and everyone. Fat beyond belief........

Men slaughter porpoises, thank God for the cow on their plates, mutilate the yonis of women and sell young girls into slavery and loveless marriages.

Where ever we are today in this moment, whatever we have been through so far, our dharma now clearly is to cooperate in bringing about an alternative to ways of domination by illusion and ill will.

May everyone of us be empowered to bring about the change


Comments thread:

John Jayanta Das Watson
well said my friend...we must distribute this hari nama...
March 13 at 5:02am via Facebook Mobile ·

Mayapurchandra Dasa
ok, this is the road, welcome bak Bhagavan das
March 13 at 5:17am ·

Giomelli Vincenzo
March 13 at 7:21am ·

Satya Nea
love this,thank you :)
March 13 at 7:25am ·

Veda Sastra
March 13 at 9:52am ·

Charles Sullivan
To paraphrase a line from John Kennedy's Inaugural Address, " on earth, Krsna's work must truly be our own." Thank you this encouraging message to all Vaisnavas.
March 13 at 9:58am ·

Hari Kirtan
This is what I remember,Thank you:-)
March 14 at 1:01am ·

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