Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life after ISKCON

an interview between William Ehrlichman and Guru Gauranga das

Giving up a medical career in 1969 to establish K.C. in America, nine years later, renouncing family life to enter the sannyas order, were sacrifices he felt at the time were necessary to move forward in spiritual life. He would later come to re-examine these choices and with new insights, redefine himself.

One of the principle waves that began to dislodge the way he saw himself and the society he was an integral part in directing, was the unfolding of perverse physical and mental child abuse, that in time began to surface everywhere. As the years passed, it became more and more flagrant, to the point where it had taken root amongst his peers at the highest levels of authority. His departure was a rejection of the current denials of the status quo way of thinking about the pervasive child abuses within ISCKON… and it was indeed a blow to the functionality of the institution as a whole. However, after he left, instead of the focus being on the real issues of child abuse, which many in ISCKON were trying to brush under the rug and even defend against, the focus and mis-information perpetrated, became about his “fall down with a woman” and his failure as a guru and the failure of all the gurus…

For him, these abuses began from the very inception of the gurukula system in Dallas in 1973 and ended with his leaving the movement in 1986, after finding out that even his own children were being abused. He left with a mother who was coping with the fact that her children had also suffered abuse. To this day, he considers these children to be his immediate family.

His son Vaisnava entered the Dallas ‘gurukula’ at the age of three and a half. He returned to France, 3 years later with unsettling stories of children regularly being beaten and made to eat spilled food off the floor; violently awoken early in the morning to attend spiritual programs and forced to fast, to the point that spiritual life was becoming tasteless. Upon returning to New Mayapura, in France he found little relief in the new ashrams, where unqualified ashram teachers perpetrated terrible abuses.

Vaisnava recalled: “When I told my father what Sudarsana was doing - locking us up for days in closets as punishment for minor disobediences, hitting some boys so hard he would break broomsticks over their backs and then later, turn around and perversely try to touch them… he was in shock. He called Sudarsana into his room with us present. After it was apparent that what we were saying was true, in a rage he pushed him against the wall, grabbed his throat, lifted him off the ground and kicked him out of New Mayapura for good.” Unfortunately that was too mild a punishment.

GG: What other incidents came to your attention?

B: After Prabhupada’s departure I was traveling in America with Ramesvara Swami. We met at the Denver temple and it so happened that when we arrived, it came to the surface that the ashrama teacher Chakradara, was abusing the boys terribly. The fathers approached us angered and confused. I asked myself how had this cannibalistic behavior taken root within our ashrams? I was shocked and disturbed, overall troubled by this level of darkness. I told the fathers to take him into the woods and beat him.

GG: What went through your mind when you began to hear these stories?

B: For me, shock and disbelief how anyone could get twisted pleasure from the sexual abuse of children - especially from people for whom self-control was supposed to be a way of life. In the beginning it wasn’t something we were on the lookout for. The first knee jerk reaction was to get rid of the symptom by expelling the perpetrators and making them feel some level of pain. Unfortunately, in other places, the incidents along with the perpetrators were minimized or ignored to avoid embarrassing public attention.

In the name of being spiritually advanced and determined, detachment from family life - from affection for wife and children, was a spartan regime that crippled relationships. Few recognized the denials and dangers in that thinking, which weakened the firewall of a parent’s natural protective powers and left children vulnerable, exposed and subjected to demented caretakers. We were up in our ideological heads with no feeling or intuition that our own children were in danger. Fear of physical and emotional intimacy provided an opening for un-lovingness to enter. Far from being a gurukula, it was in many cases becoming a cesspool of perversion, spawned by deep-rooted sexual misunderstandings.

The image of what a gurukula was supposed to be often references the well-known photo of Prabhupada holding Dwarkadisa’s hand as he helps him write a Sanskrit letter. It is one thing to call a school a gurukula because an enlightened master or teacher is present, awakening children to their highest potential. It is quite another to put children in the care of those who are mentally, emotionally or spiritually undeveloped, or in the extreme case, downright twisted. It would have been better to put the children in regular schools or have a day school and have them live with their parents. Except in cases where the parent is mentally or physically violent, it is not natural for parents to be separated from their children.

GG: How have you come to see this abuse taking root and playing out?

It begins with misunderstanding about the male and female dynamic. This misunderstanding is based on a judgment that sex outside of procreation cannot be connected to God. We hardly respected sex as a meditation that could connect us to our higher nature and open us to communication with our Creator. Of course anything can be abused, but the misuse of something doesn’t negate its brilliance. It is sex without love that makes it illicit. When this constitutional part of the self is judged against and held in denial, it opens the door to guilt. Having children when the heart is not in loving balance, means having children prematurely. If children are judged as the product of sense gratification, such judgment leaves them unprotected.

These misunderstandings and judgments caused men to be afraid and resentful towards women. It further led to abuse of wives and an unnatural detachment towards children. Mistrust of the feminine can be found in every patriarchal religion. Men are as much like fire as women and women are as much like butter as men. Philosophically, bringing everything down to “we are not this body” often brought denial or rejection of emotions and put heavy judgment on the physical - in this case sexuality, marriage and children. Feelings were considered sentimental, emotional baggage.

However, if we accept that we are part and parcel of a transcendent source of life - Radha-Krsna, Goddess and God, we must inherit our androgynous male and female natures from Them. Feeling, which is our feminine aspect and understanding, which is our male aspect, are the heat and light of what the self emanates. These yin and yang polarities are meant to balance each other in the heart chakra. That God is in the heart, means God’s presence can be experienced as Perfect Balance of the two polarities - the feminine (yin) charkas and the masculine (yang) chakras. When the heart is balanced in love, there is no fear of sex, sensuality, shame or guilt.

Children are the physical reflection of how well these polarities are balanced in the heart of each partner. If sex is considered a compromise to spirituality, children will manifest as guilt reflections. To “ detach” from the weakness of sense gratification, children were put in a school that taught austerity and detachment from family to come c loser to God. Children’s hearts are naturally open to receiving love. When these predators emerged, they filled the openness of our children’s hearts with fear and disgrace.

In our individual lives, it is this internal balance between our thoughts and emotions that gives us our ability to navigate life - to be Godlike in our feelings and understandings, or to be disconnected and toxic. Caution is required when something sounds good but feels wrong. Neither philosophy nor emotions are meant to dictate to one another. It is the imbalance of our male and female polarities that has caused the war against the goddess in her form of the environment and women in general. Men tend to see the female as something to be dominated, consumed and exploited. Both religion and consumerism have fostered this disrespect, which has led to the murder of so many women and children and the near extinction of the environment.

GG: What did you think about the gurukula legal case?

It shows how denial of these wounds was never given enough priority, openness and freedom to express, until it exploded. The perpetrators should have been pursued and still should be. Few ever went to jail. As you know, my leaving was in part prompted by the abuses of children in the L.A. temple school. After realizing the depth of the abuses and the reticence of the leadership to confront the issues in a meaningful way and legally, I encouraged the mother’s prosecution of the perpetrators. With the relentless and painful efforts of several determined mothers, fathers and others, including the L.A. Police Department, L.A. District Attorney, staff at St John's Children's Center and the children themselves, these criminals were finally convicted.

From what I understand, the “headmaster” in New Vrindavan was acquitted and Manohara went on to open an orphanage in India. Recently, Tattva Darshana from South India, was arrested in Thailand for being caught in the act of child sexual abuse. I understand that one of the former heads of the Vrndavana school, who used to violently beat the boys, has been a guru for some time. How did that happen? First he beats boys and now he takes money and worship from them.

I have always felt the perpetrators have to face their victims for healing and justice to take place. Money certainly won’t balance out the violence. It is only a token. The perpetrators are the reflections of the denied sexual guilt of both the parents and authorities and the terror and rage of the victims. Money won’t release such emotional charge, unless victims go through counseling. The molesters should be hunted as war criminals and made to face their victims. Also, the wife and sister of one of my close friends was molested by her father for years, when they were growing up. Years later, when he still refused to acknowledge his demented behavior, they printed posters of him as a pedophile and put them up around his neighborhood. There is always a way to find justice.


  1. Dearest Bhagavan ,
    You never fell short of our expectacions to us your disciples .Your actions prove it in every respect ,generous ,courageous with deep understanding and seeing beyond what most people could hardly face .The atrocities you describe are yet another indication of the malaise existing in these type of patriarchal religions and you bringing it into light and fighting over it ,is doing the devotees a great service.Actually I could foresee the dark age that was about to take place after your departure with people preying over temple property and others emotions .Luckily didn't have to face it personally since I left the boat instantly.All I remember now is your enlightened ,expansive glorious leadership and compassionate heart.Of course I have been to the temple again and I met nice hard working devotees ,and the well-known divine atmosphere.The majority of the world would understand what you mean ,even hard headed materialists wouldn't have been so ungrateful.

  2. Still we do need Krishna consciousness in every respect in this dark age of Kali .
    So please keep doing your own lovely thing ,you don't need anyone's approval be the thunderbolt that you are ,get strength from Krishna and the Divine mother ,she has always been very generous with you .There is a new situation arising in the world now ,people who keep mumbling things from 30 years ago ,would not be convincing and eventually they ll get isolated whereas you are free to get the best from both worlds dearest Gurudeva.

  3. Please forgive me and my points,but it's really a shame people afer two decades and half still call and consider your good self "Gurudeva",it's unacceptable and just ridicolous.Pleae let this less than the zombies stop calling you "Gurudeva",it's an offense to their poor intelligence and to your good self too,you should know it.Calling a blind "Lotus Eyed" it's an offense,and if you do not protest,"Silence means consent".If so,do you consider your good self being "Gurudeva"?Are you the Guru of the assembled Devas?
    Another point,are you happy of people "leaving the boat" after your fall-down?Remember our Society is about Krishna Conciousness,Prabhupada Conciousness,not William Ehrlichman Conciousness.People "leaving the boat" after your fall-down means simply you created a nice cult of your personality,but nothing more.Srila Prabhupada never left our boat.

    It was not my intenction to make any offense against your good self.I would like to know what do you think of the above points.

    Your humble servant
    Sri Krishna Das

    PS:"The goddess Kali is the divine mother for the conditioned souls, not for the liberated souls."(SPL to Satsvarupa,Feb. 25,1968)Speaking of or,worse,worshiping the "Divine Mother" is simply bogus unauthorized Ramakrishna propaganda,far away from Our Eternal Gurudeva,HDG Srila Prabhupada.

    Hare Krishna,Hari Bol (not Namaste)

  4. Dear prabhu Harribol and not namaste,
    terribly sorry for disturbing your peace of mind with my use of this term .
    Certainly we cannot use unauthorized , words ,worship or entertain loving memories of spiritual inspiration since they are all bogus and must be chopped off , instead we must use the philosophy as a hammer to nail people's heads.And it makes one very strong because it is a strong philosophy ,the strongest.Forgot to read the small letters though,the details since those make the difference.
    On top of this ,it's a personal blog ,not a manifesto of this otherwise fabulous movement and your good self may allow for Personal Interaction without getting unduly disturbed which defeats your point all together.

  5. Electra,

    Thanks so much for re-posting your previous comments which had been accidentally deleted during a maintenance. I'm really happy to see them back on the blog. And I really appreciate your insightful points on several issues that have been presented thus far...

    I look forward to hearing more of your input and feedback as the dialog continues.



  6. Why do you want to be anonymous when asking such accusatory questions?

    To answer your pointed question, noone calls me gurudev today, so please refrain from calling my friends-brothers and sisters, zombies. The only mention of that was on the music that was recorded years ago and that was who I was then. I am sorry if that distubs you. Rest assured that if I record again in the future I will not go by that. Still people have loving memories and experiences and it is not for you to negate that or belittle their intelligence.

    Now why would you make such an absurd comment that I would be happy about people leaving the boat. We are part and parcel of the will of God as such we have our free will to make conscious choices. If people left, they needed to leave. I am certainly not happy that I caused distress to all those that were close to me.

    It seems to me you are trying to create conflict out of nothing to test your philosophical muscle. There was never a cult following after I left but if you think that you can negate everything I did and deny that there was love between so many people in my zone you are greatly mistaken. It sounds more like you are creating a Prabhupada cult with you as his twisted mouthpiece.

    I am definetly not referring to Kali but to the source of all mothers and Goddesses of fortune. Figure it out yourself. Your kind of philosophising is not very attractive neither are you a humble servant so why pretend? Why don't you follow his example and go to some foreign countries, open temples and attract a few thousand devotees. Then you won't have to be anonymous anymore.

    Thanks for your comments,

  7. Dear Shri Krishna Das and other naysayers...

    Thanks for bringing your points to the blog and for attempting to be respectful in your somewhat critical words of Bhagavan and those who refer to him in ways you would not...

    Tactfulness in communication is a very important skill, especially for a devotee... Thru open and respectful communication, even very divisive and differing views can be pleasantly exchanged without hurting people's feelings.

    Please understand that the intent of this blog, website and Face book pages are an act of opening up to others on the part of Bhagavan, where doors have previously been closed. While he could easily busy himself with all his pre-occupations of life and not bother to communicate at all, he has reached a point in his life, thru the encouragement of myself and others, to come forth with his truths and his answers to many unanswered questions that to this day trouble ISCKON. To open up a venue of communication and dialog, so that those who choose to know and who choose to reconnect and who would like to know why he left and how he is and what he's up to, etc... may be able to do so.

    It has taken a long time for him to reach this point and we should encourage his efforts rather than discourage them. Look at how many were drawn to ISCKON by Prabhupada's loving ways... then look at how many left due to the pervasive Lovelessness that ensued after he left his physical presence... It was not due to a lack of availability of brilliant Krishna Conscious "philosophy", but rather due to a lack of real life "love presence," that drove so many to leave... and a disgust with the ways the philosophy without love, was being used to control, manipulate and distort things...

    These efforts on the part of myself, Bhagavan das and others, are not meant to be self agrandizement for William Ehrlichman consciousness at all. They are forums for people like you and others, with diverse views, to communicate and reach out and share inspirations and understandings and questions for the purpose of healing and reconciliation and family renewal...

    If you don't want to know about this person, or be absorbed in William Ehrlichman consciousness, you can choose to not pay any attention at all and continue about your merry way of intellectual philosophy... without respect, forgiveness and compassion, which are the necessary ingredients to absorb your intellectual philosophy... without feeling and heart, intellect is cold and harsh... Devotees especially should strive to cultivate "heart presence" more so than mental philosphy.

    Mental philosophies are a dime a dozen... Love presence is priceless...

    continued on next post.

  8. Continued from last post...

    Please understand that Bhagavan has ZERO interest in being a guru or being called Gurudeva... He left that title and status long ago, along with all the name, fame, power, glory, wealth and status that came with it... Why would he return to that, knowing now what he knows?... having learned the many lessons he has undergone, from then to now?

    If someone still chooses to affectionately see or refer to him in that term, that's their choice and not yours to judge. There are many former disciples and friends, who never stopped feeling love and gratitude and concern for his wellbeing... Many are very pleased to once again have this opportunity to re-discover his love and friendship and to reconnect in dialog with him after so long...

    While it may be easy to default to fault finding and criticisms of others, remember that these are the things Srila Prabhupada hated the most and warned us of the most often... and to this day these are the very things that are ripping apart his movement into so many factions... The essence of what it means to be an aspiring devotee... is Love, compassion, forgiveness, open mindedness, respect... not just to Krishna or guru or those who think like you... but unto all... These are the true qualities to strive for... and these are the qualities that attracted so many to the movement in the early days.



  9. Dear naysayers ,
    Even though you don't appreciate and recognise anyone's contibution ,and you are ready even unprovocatively to abuse in the wrong time and place ,I dont think anyone should be discouraged by your negativity for reasons that I am about to enumerate.

    Your range of influence extends only that much ,simply put ,there are few people where your word is taken seriously into consideration and very likely the percentage is to diminish considering the unpalatable nature of your utterings either materially or spiritually.

    In fact you provide a relevant and live speciment of all the issues previously discussed such as so called spiritual bullying , hipocricy , manipulation,mumbling the philosophy without real understanding ,using the philosophy aphorisms numerous quotations stolen from others ,punitive language ,freely distributing accusations for offences .Well ,for many years the circumstances in this movement allowed you to hide behind those tricks even though their purpose originally was all together different .
    I have got no doubt that appreciation and love for someone who inspired one in spiritual life is a good thing ,and I don't need your approval neither I asked for it ,as for the amount of time 'twenty five years ' is not wondrous considering the eternal nature of these things ,and there is plenty of scriptural evidence to support it.However , what would hatred ,envy and malaise constitute for the same amount of time???
    It seems that Krishna got you wrapped up in a philosophy that sucks up and dries up all emotion for a reason ,Figure that out for yourselves.....

  10. Yes, this anonymous "Sri Krishna Das" is a very good example of everything that has gone wrong with this movment. Aggressive attitude, fuming and poison-spitting, formalistic critique, based on personal concoctions, and a very, very frustrated mind.

    I would say that this "Sri Krishna Das" needs a big hug. No, a hundred hugs, so he can cry out all his frustration, all his sorrow, all his empty space filled with nothing but pain.

    This guy needs something he probably didn't get a lot of - empathy, love, understanding, an ear, an open heart.

    Then maybe his comments will change.

  11. There will always be people who has strong opinions on the net, and the magic of the internet is that you really can have free speech in so many ways.

    This also means that a lot of people will have opinions that are outright abominable to ourselves, or just plain wrong. But we can't fix all that. I find that the best way is to just not give it a lot of energy.

    Check this one out:

  12. Thank you Bhagavan (and Guru Gauranga, and Vaish) for coming out so bright and bold... Truth will always prevail! I wholeheartedly agree with all you say and especially HOW you say it. It feels like a clear cut diamond, brilliant and pure. That was long due :-) Namaskar. Citrangi/Chaitanya

    "Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.
    For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]" (Gospel of Thomas)

  13. True my friend Tantriblog ,
    and thank you for your nice intervention .

  14. .... continued
    To conclude I would like to tell you about a dream, actually a nightmare, that comes to me since a long time.
    In my dream I see that you came back in some temple, and that, even after you’ve passed trought so many difficulties, you still want to resume your old position with the same onours and respects. In that dream I can clearly see your illusion but I don’t have enaught strenth to tell you anything so , been frustrated I leave that place full of distress.
    May be now that I’m sending you this message I can finally become free from this nigthmare but however, I’m sure that all my sorrow regarding this matter will definitivly disappear when I’ll see that you have decided to deal with all the members of Srila Prabhupada’s family in an humble and cooperative way.

    Your friend and well whisher,
    Mukundananda das

  15. Dear Bhagavan das,
    please accept my obeisanceis, all glories to Srila Prabhupada.
    I’m an italian devotee who joined Iskcon in the middle of 1977 before Srila Prabhupad left us. After his departure it was really difficult for me to accept the idea, ( and evenctually the instruction), to have a spiritual master who was not him. But after some time, like everyone else I surrendered and you initiate me. So even if I was perplexed, gradually I realized that under your guidance I was progressing in my spiritual life and I was becoming steady in my service of book disribution. I’m very gratefull to you for the great service you have done. When in 1986 you decided to retire from your service of guru and you left the society of devotees, I never try to conctat you or, like some others have done, to come to visit you where you decided to live. Even if my faith, recieved a big strike, nevertheless I have always respected your privacy. But because you’ve now started to openly share your ideas and opinions I feel the urge to share mine with you.
    Please forgive me if by doing so, in some way I can disturb you but according to Narahari Sharkara, a great vaisnava contemporary of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, it’s the duty of a person who was disciple of a guru who fall from his position to try to help him to rectify from his deviations.
    So, even if you are saying that you needed to make some important adjustments in your life to balance the ying and yang within yourself, still from the mood in which in some occasions you’ve approached different leaders of our society and from your bold sentences regarding different topics presented to you by the devotees, it seams that you did’nt learn yet the most simple and important principle of life, “umility”.
    If you want to be bold than boldly ammit your weakness without trying to find some logical or psicological motivations to justify your difficulties.
    For sure you are very dear to our beloved Srila Prabhupada, who will never forget what sincere service you have done for him, so please try to please him again by been more aware of how to please his followers in a humble way. You’ve recognized the fact that many devotees and leaders of the movement can perform their service only if they can get some positions or distintions but even after expiriencing so many lessons, it’s very difficult for you also to present yourself without your usual profile of commander in cheif. Please look at the example of our dear Sundarupa Prabhu who went letterally cring to beg forgiveness from all those devotees to who he thought he did something wrong. That is Vaisnava behavior and that can be much more effective than so many words!
    Regarding Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrothers, If so many disciples and grand disciples of His Divine Grace have gone to take shelter from them was mainly dued to the over abuse of power from the gurus in Iskcon and because the faith of the devotees under them was distroyed by their falling downs. After been enbarassed by the falling downs of Gurudeva, Visnupada, Bhaktipada, ecc. who could have continued to take very seriously the leadership of the movement for which Srila Prabhupada sacrificed his all life?
    What do you think had given more pain to Srila Prabhupada, the disrespect towards his Godbrothers ( that of course is a very serious offence) or to have contribuited to break the faith in his movement, that actually was one of the main reason for the devotees to commit many more offences and to undergo trought different court cases?
    Often time you also refer to the unaccetable behaviour of those who mistreted or molested some gurukulis but, in the same way, why not remember the miserable conditions in which so many boys and girls who dedicated their young lifes to their gurus were left when they were abandoned by them?


  16. Dear Mukundananda das,
    All is not one so Bhagavan is not Sundararupa prabhu whom we loved for his particular qualities.
    As a former disciple of Bhagavan I wouldn't expect him to be in tears but engage in meaningful action and useful research forward eventhough he has apologised extensively.
    Self deprication would not serve him nor the people who once loved him .
    Regarding your nightmare , why would someone worry so much about position and leadership within the movement ?
    Krishna consciousness is bound to continue and you who are the guardians of the temples should have gathered strengh all these years to prevent anomalies and external invasions.

  17. You must also realize that those whose faith is firm have not been shaken by the bold acnowledgment of Bhagavan's weaknesses while still holding on firmly to his faith .

    His coming back after so many years to repair ,heal and discuss in a Krishna conscious mood , in his own style without imitating anyone has greatly enchanched the faith of those who accept Krisnha concsiousness to be transcendental to all life situations.

    Have you ever wondered what exactly made Bhagavan a favourite to Srila Prabhupada's eyes?There must have been something that is beyond temporary weaknesses and material designations.
    Our faith is seriously broken by separatism and lack of true compassion coming from those who should supposedly have it in abundance, and not by human weakness.

    And lastly why in God's name would you be afraid of someone fallen ,weak and eternally condemned while you yourselves will at any point lack Krishna's mercy ?

    Srila Prabhupada would not so much care for temple organisation otherwise he wouldn't have left India ,where temples were established to come to the west .

  18. Dear friends,
    In case you have not had the chance to follow, there has been some very wonderful, engaging and also charged dialog taking place in several postings on Bhagavan's Face Book wall. Perhaps some of you will find further insight, questions and answers there?

    You may find it on his FB page under "William Ehrlichman" or also at this link.!/profile.php?id=100000500643803

    Dear Electra, please stop by and add us as friends. Both myself and my father, Bhagavan so appreciate your powerful insight and wisdom. Perhaps you are also friends with another Shakti warrior named Veda Shatra?

    With gratitude and love,

    Vaishnava das.

  19. Mukundanandana,

    Thank you for being patient. Since opening up the channels in cyberspace especially on FB, I have mostly been writing there. You might find the communications helpful.

    Some time ago, in 2000, I wrote to all the devotees- godbrothers and former students alike. The communication is posted both on the blog and FB. Have you read that yet? I regret if you find insufficient humility there. I can only say it was an expression from the deepest parts of my heart that I could offer.

    Whatever we go thru in life we don't go thru it alone. The higher powers- up to our Creator, are always present and aware of our choices and dilemmas. What I have experienced from this truth is that all forms of pain and apparent reversals of fortune in life, can be turned into wisdom by Divine Grace. These composted experiences can only be communicated to those who want to share in the outcome without being judgmental about the form it takes.

    What I offer as clarity you want to refer to as bravado and lack of humility. I have no position I am trying to move into in ISKCON. That was a daydream or night dream of yours and nothing more. I do want to tell you how sorry I am for the shock and grief caused to your heart and to others by my radical departure. That was a severe spiritual earthquake.

    I also want to share with you that many past and present friends want to know and understand how I came thru this fire. Again I regret that thru it all you feel that no humility has been gained or clarity worth sharing with you has been obtained. For those who were close to me I offered the interview found on the webpage and posted on the blog.

    Clarity doesn't imply a lack of humility. In Krsna's eyes when Arjuna decided he wouldn't fight he lacked humility. We are all trying for a better world. This is my small offering. Sleep well and don't give any credit to those nightmares.

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