Thursday, February 4, 2010

Accidental loss of recent blog comments

Dear friends,

I regret to say that in the course of a recent blog maintenance, all 14 comments associated with the "Open Door" blog, somehow got deleted from the blog. I apologize to have this loss of your kind words of encouragement and invaluable input. I look forward to hearing from you again.


Vaisnava das (Dave Ehrlichman)


  1. I was a 9 years old kid, visiting Paris temple with my father sometimes in 79. How could I convince him I wanted to live that way, and ask him to drop everything and join the temple with us 3 kids ?! Well that sunday bhagavan was there (...) During his darshan, he stoped talking and looked at us. His eyes made my heart beat 100 miles an hour. What's he gona say ? well just what I needed !

    "you should come to our community next summer and visit us with your children" he said to my dad, whose answer was not enough. "Will you come ?" he insisted with his smiling and wharm intensity ... "yes" said my father, and that was it, as my dad would never betray his own words.

    As far as my memory can go, this was one of my happyest instants, marking the rest of my life. No one, not even Bhagavan, can measure the importance of that very moment.

    For all the other strong moments I have enjoyed, like distributing books at 13 y old in the streets, doing harinam, enjoying great festivals year after year, receiving diksha from you at 11, being pujari, siting proudly besides you during public programs, the question of having lived without coming across your road and service, is not possible... My appreciation for you has no depth...

    Just a small drope of it...

    Bhagavad Jivan's 1st son

  2. Dear Sharanga,

    this is a very sweet story. Thanks so much for sharing it here and in such a loving way. While we all have our flaws and imperfections, gratitude and appreciation are the truest reflections of an evolved soul. They not only amplify the good in oneself, but also that in others, which benefit the world too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your light and truth here. Also, if by any chance you still have a copy of your prior post, which got accidentally deleted during our maintenance session, please re-post it under the appropriate blog posting, so that we can have the honor of having that beautiful expression of yours, back on this blog.

    Thanks again for your profound input.

    Your friend and brother...


  3. Thank you Vaish for encouraging peace in human relations. Many need to be in contact again with your father, for very personnal reasons.

    Many need to simply understand and be releif from interpretations of the past, for their peace of mind. Others will need to use their confrontation and jugement propencities. In any case, all is good.

    Concerning my past post, well... I guess i'll have to simply try expressing it again. It should not be too difficult... I'll take the time soon...

    Your brother,