Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering My friend Yuga Dharma

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Bhagavan wrote:

The picture you see is with my late friend Yuga Dharma. He passed away several years ago. Yuga had a great laugh that you could follow to his soul. He really loved his family. He really loved being with the Deities in Vrndavana. He could be really stubborn and irritable as well- but he would always come out of it more awake.

He had a struggle with his liver. Liver is the metaphysical seat of anger. With his struggle, he made me more aware of dealing with issues before they need to physically manifest in the body. All denied emotions find shelter in our body. I loved watching how Yuga's wife Srisha and his children, cared for him. Yuga was a very fortunate man.

The night before he passed away, Srisha called me to their home. He was breathing deeply- like a bellows, and his eyes had begun to move back and forth, back and forth. I stretched out and laid down beside him in his bed. His family gave me some alone time with him. I could understand- that he understood, this was a big event about to happen. I started reading to him from Jaiva Dharma. I told him everything was good, to relax and be cool. His breathing got more relaxed. Krsna was present.

I went home to sleep and when I woke up he was gone. I helped cover him and carry him out. Yuga was a good person to know. He made my heart expand.

Comments thread:

Peer Smits
Haribolo Bhagavan.das. PAMHO AGTSP All glorie to Sri Sri Radha and Sri Krishna.
Its a nice experience to be on the last moment from somebody who is leaving his body on earth. For both its a special moment to be togather. I only can wish that i have this wunderfull association on my last moment. Rearing from Krishna and surrounded from devotees. I was there if my grand mom ( 103 Year) was leaving here body. We diddent now here time was there, i was there whit my mother and my wife to show my Brand new son Narayan . We was telling here abouth the new boy and his name.....Narayan He he Grand mom..... this is Narayan..... That night she left here body. i was feeling honored to be there . It was a special place at a special moment.
Yesterday at 12:04am ·

Alexis Kriel
He must've been in a coma - with his eyes moving back and forth father had the same - it's quite surreal. I was with him when he died, and also with my late brother when he died and helped them both to pass on. I also considered it a great blessing to be alloowed into that sacred space when life and death meet.
Yesterday at 12:26am ·

Andreeva Maria
Yes, this moment is special...
Yesterday at 12:50am ·

Priya Sakhi
I had this opportunity many times in Sri Vrindavan Dham and is a wonderful experience to be able to "help" some body to his/her going back to godhead. Hariiibol!
Yesterday at 2:30am ·

Bhagavat Purana Das

¨But those who worship Me, giving up all their activities unto Me and being devoted to Me without deviation, engaged in devotional service and always meditating upon Me, having fixed their minds upon Me, O son of Pritha - for them I am the swift deliverer from the ocean of birth and death.¨

Bhagavad Gita 12.7
Yesterday at 3:29am ·

Priya Sakhi
Yesterday at 4:28am ·

Subhadra Hemphill
Such a nice reflection, Bhagavan.
I was with my husband's mother when she passed away a year ago this week.
I'm still imbibing the things I became aware of from that experience.
Krsna was really there for her, Shyamapriya... and that is the most important lesson I learned.
Yesterday at 6:17am ·

Yasoda Crystal Perry
very sweet.. He loved you
Yesterday at 7:37am ·

Chas D Lind
Yuga Dharma's left us? Just saw him in L.A. R.Y. couple years back. Very compassionate Ksatriya !!
Yesterday at 3:00pm ·

Srisa Dasi Carreras
His death was a bitter, sweet gift to his family who chanted the Holy Name for him with Prabhupada even after his last breath. Separation from a loved one gives a glimpse of what we should be feeling in separation from Krsna. The lessons never stop.
7 hours ago ·

Krishna Priya Jaharia
In 2004, the grandmother of my son-in-law died in the summer. The same evening the grandfather of my daughter passed away in Scotland. The day I went for the funeral of the grandmother, I heard that my eldest uncle was about to die, in hospital....and I had this terrible urge to want to see him one last time. After the funeral I hurried back to Amsterdam and went to see him. They had given him lots of sedatives and keeping his body warm. I sat there, holding his hand, chanting.....there was no apparent reaction.....but as soon as I got to the carpark...I felt his presence...later on I heard that exactly on that moment he had left his body. He was always very fond of me and I had the feeling he had waited for me to come...may his soul have found a better destination....and may your friend Yuga continue on his yourney back home, back to Godhead....

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